Web Design

Layer 7 Media specializes in Social Media focused web design. In modern time, your online presence is essential to your brand. Put us to the test! We will craft a web design that focuses on your social presence, your brand!

Social Media Management

Take a look around you.. Everyone is on their phone! Social media has become apart of our every day lives. If you aren’t flaunting your brand online, it’s synonymous to having a storefront without a glowing shiny sign!

IT Consultation

Half of all Cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses(CPO Magazine, 2019). This means most small businesses are so focused on getting their brand off the ground that security is put on the back burner. Allow us to be your IT defense, while we educate as well as prevent cyber attacks.

Allow Us To Protect Your Brand

Crafting a great brand is no easy task and can take months, even years, to solidify. But the effort is worth it when your customers are loyal and engaged, and your competitors try to mimic you instead of mock you. (Entrepreneur. Jan 5, 2017)

We Have The Solutions To Meet Your Needs!

We specialize in Web Design, IT Implementation, Social Media Management, and IT Consultation.

Next Steps…

Put us to the test, and give us a call! We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.